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Chapter Lead Backend in Amsterdam

 Chapter Lead - Mallorca Global Investments... What is the Mallorca platform? Many customers struggle with the allocation of savings money to more profitable destinations. Investing looks appealing but is for newbies...


 Chapter Lead - Mallorca Global Investments Platform

What is the Mallorca platform?

Many customers struggle with the allocation of savings money to more profitable destinations. Investing looks appealing but is for newbies difficult to understand and can be perceived as risky. ING built a new Global Investments Platform (‘Mallorca’) to serve customers in its retail countries, which is now rolled out to Germany. The global platform was created with the mission of democratizing investments. The platform provides a digital investment advice service for the mass market, supported by optional video calls with an investments coach.

What is the purpose of the Mallorca platform?

Mallorca offers an easy onboarding process in which the customers receive investment advice by just answering 10 questions about investments goals, wealth and risk appetite. Based on the outcomes, the platform advises to buy one out of seven new investments funds (ING World Funds, consisting of world-wide spread ETF portfolios) followed by automatic account opening and funds transfer from the existing savings account. There two journeys, a fully digital one and a journey that involves a coach in a video call to assist the customer.

Why is it called a global platform?

Mallorca is built as a global platform, on which multiple countries can onboard. Language, currency and other country modifications in for example the suitability test are configurable. So, the core capabilities of Mallorca are designed to support multiple countries and do not need to be implemented in the country locally. Mallorca is built on the ING Banking Technology Platform. For example, the frontend was built with reusable web components, customer login, authentication and approval flows and handling of customer data are managed in the platform. The platform was built with microservices, runs fully in the ING cloud and is therefore scalable when the volumes grow.

The Vision

We believe in delivering value to our customers in a clear and easy way. We use standard technology in the bank to enable all the retail countries in ING to onboard on the platform since it is built as a multi-country platform. The product proposition is simple and easy to understand.

Who are you?

You are an energetic Chapter Lead with expertise in engineering, people management and affinity with investments business. You are at least a competent Dev Engineer, and this will be your role in the squad for 60% of your time. You will develop high quality code for the Mallorca platform and its consumer with your squads. You can move all typical user stories and tasks from “ToDo” to “Done”. The remaining 40% you spend on building up expertise in your chapter and developing your chapter members. You are enthusiastic about transferring your knowledge to others, and about coaching around 5-7 members of your Chapter and oversee their personal development.

Your education and background
  • Professional and intellectual IT ability at university level - at least Bachelor's degree

  • Extensive experience in both engineering and leadership roles in Agile teams, e.g. as Scrum Master, Product Owner, DevOps Engineer

  • Track record of developing people and knowledge through coaching or mentoring

  • Certifications and/or proven proficiency in one or more programming/scripting languages

  • Excellent command of spoken and written English

Your role in the team

1. Deliver code
  • Develop code for the Mallorca platform (frontend / backend) Implement mandatory security standards Develop and apply an ecosystem of tools for the engineers

2. Apply continuous delivery practices
  • Manage all resources in version-controlled repositories (incl., code, scripts, configurations, artefacts, static resources) Refactor and reuse existing code/modules/functionality Write fully automated tests (e.g., unit-, functional-, non-functional- and integration testing) Build, enhance and maintain tooling and scripts to automate repetitive or error prone tasks  Develop micro services and APIs

3. Apply and improve DevOps way of working 
  • Implement user stories from backlog as agreed with the Product Owner, without spending time on work outside the backlog Participate rigorously in DevOps rituals (e.g. daily stand-ups, sprint planning, sprint review, retrospective, peer reviews) Continuously improve yourself, your engineers and the service

  • Conduct root cause analysis to identify service improvements 

  • Actively ask for feedback and coaching for improvement

  • Provide feedback to squad members to avoid waste

  • Collaborate within and across squads to understand your services end-to-end 


4. Developing skills of employees within Chapter
  • Advise Product Owner and IT Area Lead on resource planning Provide regular feedback, coaching and mentoring to Chapter members Align individual and overall performance of the Chapter, and identify top performers with IT Area Lead

  • Evaluate performance of Chapter members

  • Ensure training opportunities are available as required 

  • Support recruiting of talents (e.g. interview applicants)

5. Developing specific knowledge 
  • Stay up to date on your topic and apply your learnings in the Mallorca context Regularly organize alignment meetings on Chapter specific topics to update colleagues on new developments Define standards and best practices for the Chapter.

Your main skills and competencies

1. Broad understanding of technologies and consumer needs 
  • Knowledge across stack, technologies, and ecosystems

  • Technology stack and tools of the respective service of the squad

  • Technology of interfacing squads and consumers to achieve end-to-end view

  • Impact of different factors on performance and capacity of services iv. Technical implications of Security and Risk principles

  • Clear understanding of consumer context and needs, as well as the value-add of your service to the consumer 

2. Expertise in multiple coding/ scripting languages and automation tooling
  • Working knowledge of configuration tools like Puppet, Chef or Ansible Scripting experience in at least one of the following: Ruby, Python, Bash Experience with virtualization environments and tools e.g., VMware, Docker.

3. Working-level knowledge of Agile and DevOps practices
  • Understanding of the Scrum methodology (e.g. backlog and spring planning, review and marketplace) Deep knowledge of DevOps way of working (e.g., continuous delivery, cross-functional team set-ups, development of cross-skilled squad members) Technical expertise
  • Java 8

  • Spring Boot 2.X.X , 5.X.X

  • Merak 6.1.0 ( ING Framework)

  • RestTemplate for RestCalls

  • Service Discovery (Phoenix)

  • MapStruct for Bean Mapping

  • Unit and Integration Test

    • Junit

    • Mockito

    • Wiremock

  • Nginx API Gateway

  • Circuit Breaker

    • Hystrix

  • Database

    • MsSql

    • JPA Repositories

  • Logging

    • LogBack

    • Kafka EventBus

    • ELK Stack

  • Distributed Tracing

    • INGTrac

  • Email notification

    • Kafka/Zookeeper

    • SpringKafka

    • Avro Serialisation

  • Monitoring

    • Spring Boot Micrometer - Events/Metrics

    • SpringBoot Actuator 

    • Prometheus - Events storage 

    • Grafana -Graphical Representation

  • Development Deployment

    • Docker

    • Kubernetes

  • Production Deployment

    • Openshift 

    • Ansible


1. Inspiring people management style
  • Inspiring and energizing when talking to colleagues  Empowering and challenging squad members to foster individual development  Encouraging employees to setup and achieve personal development goals

2. Openness to try new ways of working 
  • Mindset of continuous improvement of the service and way of working

  • Strong problem solver to structure and improve complex situations

  • Drive to coach other to help their individual development  

  • End-to-end ownership mindset

  • Strong team player who takes responsibility

  • Independent and autonomous in completing tasks

  • Result oriented - Adapts approaches to situations

3. Curiosity to always look out for innovation opportunities 
  • Passionate about major trends in technology  Up-to-date and always learning about these latest innovations Attend events and workshops on Chapter specific topics 

What we offer?

A huge challenge and great fun. The work location is Amsterdam, but there is close collaboration across the globe with offshore IT staff and consuming countries of the Mallorca platform (Germany, Italy and others). A very international team with highly motivated people. Occasional travel might be needed to work with the consuming countries’ experts.


Patrick Keijzers – Global IT area lead Funds Entrusted / Mallorca.


Extra informatie

Fulltime (ervaren)

Amsterdam | ICT / IT / Programmeur | Fulltime (ervaren)

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