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Title Circle Lead | Know Your Customer Operations | Amsterdam & Leeuwarden


Money laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, financial and economic crime... do we have your attention? Exciting subjects, right? And all things ING doesn't want to get involved in. That's why we're looking for someone to help prevent this.

As Circle Lead Know Your Customer, you will guide multiple self-managing Customer Loyalty Teams. You are operationally responsible for these teams.

KYC Operations is key to protecting the integrity of the financial system

Your domain at ING is Know Your Customer Operations (KYC Operations). KYC Operations plays a crucial role in the implementation of the FEC/CDD policy within ING Domestic Bank Nederland. FEC/CDD stands for Financial Economic Crime/Customer Due Diligence. The aim of the CDD is to prevent Financial-Economic Crime from entering the financial system and damaging the integrity of and trust in this system. We do that by fulfilling our purpose: Empowering people to ensure integrity in society. Our core values are Responsibility, Power, Craftsmanship, Teamspirit and Energy.

Area KYC Operations & Daily Banking

The Area KYC Operations & Daily Banking consists of 5 Super circles, of which 4 are focused on KYC and logically bundled into segment and operations. These are Super Circle Business Banking, Super Circle Private Individuals, Super Circle Specials and Super Circle HUBs-NL. Each Super Circle has its own Leadership team with 4-6 Circle Leads, with the Circle Lead responsible for the operational performance of a KYC Circle. 

KYC Circle

Each circle consists of 25-30 analysts in different Customer Loyalty Teams (CLT’s), who are responsible for conducting Customer Due Dilligence for both existing and potential relationships in the different segments. To this end, they shall, on their own initiative, collect and assess the information necessary to identify the risk of the (potential) customer. The teams communicate directly with the customer and work closely with internal departments such as Client Services and Compliance.

And you, as Circle Lead KYC?

You're the captain of these professionals. As a manager, you contribute to creating high-performing teams, by coaching, inspiring and challenging the results, content and personal development. You have the lines to the stakeholders: the front office, Tribe KYC Services and the various risk parties. In addition to the professionals in your team, you have driven colleagues with different expertise around you. Policy colleagues are helping KYC Operations to act in accordance with changing laws and regulations. Customer Journey Experts are on top of improving processes and services to our customers. You will form a Leadership team with the other Circle Leads in your Supercircle, and you will help each other continuously improve results. 

What does it take from you to do this job?

A lot! And in many different areas.

First of all, your skills as people manager and your eye for quality:

  • You encourage the members to achieve their goals;

  • You give clear direction, but you also have the confidence that the team is performing optimally on its own;

  • You contribute to members continuing to develop their knowledge and research skills;

  • You guarantee the highest quality of risk management by KYC Operations;

And: constantly improve your skills as an operational manager and your passion for:  

  • You make decisions based on facts, dates and figures;

  • You are strong in problem analysis and get to the core quickly;

  • You have experience in continuously improving processes and responding to changes.

You effortlessly combine human and result orientation. You inspire, motivate and coach. With your energy you encourage people to get the best out of themselves ánd you get the best out of yourself. You are skillful, convincing in your performance and communicating in a clear manner. Working together is the key to success for you, which includes giving and getting constructive feedback. Finally, you are the example and conveyor of our corporate culture the Orange Code.

And then the basic requirements...

  • proven experience in managing operational teams;

  • The ability to work with a wide range of stakeholders;

  • You speak and write fluently Dutch and English; 

  • You are in possession of a HBO/WO diploma;

  • Availability of at least 36 hours per week;

  • Knowledge of FEC & Customer Due Diligence/Transaction Monitoring is a process.

You'll get a lot back

We ask a lot, but you get a lot in return. A dynamic working environment, a fantastic bunch of colleagues and a great challenge to mention just a few things. And of course ING's more than attractive working conditions. For example the discount on fitness, the bike plan and the introduction of the mobility card.

Learn more or apply?

Do you recognize yourself in this profile and does your heart beat faster when reading this vacancy? We are happy to meet you! 

If you still have any questions about this function, please contact the recruiter. Are you already sure of your choice and do you want to work as Circle Lead at KYC Operations? We would like to receive your CV and a written motivation.

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